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What To Bring

Lots of small, soft treats. Store bought training treats are great, but you can also use string cheese, hot dogs, chicken breast, etc. Training treats should be of a higher value than your dog's everyday treats. Please be sure to bring a lot of treats. The general rule of thumb is whatever amount you think you need, triple it.

Current vaccination, or titer, records. Puppies should have current
age-appropriate vaccinations.


A treat pouch. You will need to be able to access your treats quickly and easily. You don’t necessarily have to buy a pouch, fanny packs or nail belts work great. You can also keep your treats in your pocket,
as long as you can get at them easily.


A hungry dog. If at all possible, do not feed your dog before class. If you do need to feed your dog, only feed them half of their usual amount so they will still be interested in the treats.


A four or six foot leash. Please no retractable leashes.


A flat, buckle or Martingale collar. Please no choke collars, pinch collars, or electric collars without prior approval.

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