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Sampler Class

Prerequisite: S.T.A.R. Puppy, Basic Manners, or Instructor Approval

Cost: $75

Meets: Once a week (1 hour) for 5 weeks

Each week we will learn the basics of a different dog sport/activity and find out which ones you and your dog enjoy the most.


This is not a formal training class. Your dog MUST have had basic training, or instructor approval, and be okay working around other dogs and people in a small area.

Tentative Schedule:

Tricks – We will be working on Tricks from the AKC Trick Dog program. New students will work on Novice tricks, previous Trick Dog students will be working on Intermediate tricks.


Some tricks we may be covering include: Spin, shake, high five, wave, crawl, touch, jump over/through a bar or hoop, balance a treat on the nose, get in, get on, leg weaves, roll over.


Fitness & Parkour – Whether it’s a long run or just chasing the ball in the yard learn how to help your dog stretch out and warm up before activity. Learn how to help your dog work on core muscles and build strength and stamina. We will also learn a little about Dog Parkour and, weather permitting, work on some moves outside.


Rally – You and your dog will navigate a course with 10-15 stations. Each station will have a sign listing an obedience move. You will need to perform that move before going on to the next station.


Some signs include: stop and sit, stop and walk around your dog, 360 degree turns, U-Turns, and weaving through cones.


Scent games – Put your dog’s nose to work! This week we will be hiding scented articles and teaching our dogs to find them. We will also learn about a few other scenting activities like Tracking and Barn Hunt.


Agility – Learn some basics of this fast and fun dog sport. We will be working on  jumps, tunnels, weaves and learn about proper safety and foundation skills.

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